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SkoolLive: School Advocate

Marketing is an ever-changing entity in the commercial and retail worlds. Companies are always finding new methods of spreading brand awareness and advertising. Accessing the target audience is one of the main concerns in marketing. The school-aged population, which today is comprised of Gen Z, is one of the largest and most actively targeted demographics in retail. Many brands targeting this age group will utilize a presence on school campuses nationwide.

Many large corporations are currently present on school campuses, of all grade levels, all across the country. These brands admit that school advertising, or having a presence in schools, is crucial to their business. Several have stated to SkoolLive they rely on Gen Z students for the future of their brands, but are unwilling to pay for the access to them. Companies like these often have upwards of several billion dollars in revenue and refuse to put any of this money into furthering the education and well-being of those they say are necessary to their marketing and advertising efforts.

SkoolLive is an advocate for schools. Brands partner with SkoolLive, enabling them to negotiate reasonable deals with schools. SkoolLive’s main objective is to ensure schools receive a fair compensation for allowing these brands onto their campuses. SkoolLivewants to protect their schools, and educate those that are not.

Every campus has worth. Each one is incredibly valuable. Do not let brands take advantage of schools any longer. Let SkoolLive fight for your school.



Who Is SkoolLive?

Connecting with the youth of today, “Gen Z”, can be very difficult. With so much information at their fingertips, it can be a challenge to communicate, or even to get them to look up from their screens. At SkoolLive, we have found a way to help bridge that gap between schools and students. By installing large digital kiosks, at no cost to schools, we create channels of communication that allow the staff to reach the students in a way that is appealing and familiar – digitally. These kiosks look, and act, like giant iPhones, a platform Gen Z can understand.

Our kiosks function as digital and interactive bulletin boards. With different formats for the different age groups, elementary/middle school, and high school, we truly cater to all audiences. The younger age group model is slightly simpler, and more intuitive, specifically designed with this age group in mind. This version includes coloring and trivia games to engage students, as well as providing the perfect venue for announcements from the school.

 High school students have different interests than elementary-to-middle school-aged students. Therefore, their kiosks are different and more complex. SkoolLive’s high school kiosks include the school’s Twitter feed for students to scroll through, a job board for local businesses to post on, and even a deals section for teens to find coupons for local retailers and restaurants.

We cut back on the waste of paper by eliminating the need for flyers and traditional bulletin boards and allow for immediate messaging, not needing to wait for the copier in the staff room to be free for printing a bunch of flyers. On top of installing these amazing kiosks at no cost to schools, SkoolLive shares a portion of our revenue with the campuses that choose to utilize our services. Using our kiosks is a win-win for everyone involved.



SkoolLive Gives Gen Z A Voice

Millennials, who are predominantly liberal-minded, are often credited as being the biggest catalysts for social change. More than 50% of Millennials are self-identified activists, and see making a difference as personally gratifying. Gen Z, even though it’s oldest members are only in college, is prepared to overthrow their Millennial counterparts, and take over that title. The past few years in America have been filled with unrest and controversy. All the recent turmoil has bred a far more socially-aware and activism driven generation than any before.

Over the years, Millennials have consistently expressed concern for the environment and the well-being of the planet. Unlike Millennials, however, the environment is not one of Gen Z’s main concerns. Members of Gen Z have expressed to SkoolLive they are more concerned with their education, both foreign and domestic terrorism, unemployment, a global financial crisis, and racism and prejudices.

Gen Z does not simply complain about the issues facing America today; it is a group that acts. In the last year, 23% of Gen Zers reported boycotting an activity or brand, and 37% donated either time or money to a worthy cause. The overwhelming majority, 85%, believes brands and companies have an obligation to help solve social problems. When a brand supports a cause deemed significant by Gen Z or a company is socially responsible, Gen Zers are exponentially more likely to trust the brand and purchase their products.

Millennials normalized change-making behaviors, but Gen Z is beginning to take that mindset to new heights. Participating in activism is part of the Gen Z identity, and caring about social issues is simply expected. SkoolLive gives Gen Z students a platform to express themselves and their opinions in front of their peers nationwide. Young Americans are tired of witnessing struggle and injustice across the country. They are on a mission to make a difference, they fear nothing when it comes to making positive social changes, and are utilizing SkoolLive kiosks to do it.


SkoolLive’s Student Influencers

It is no secret that Instagram reigns supreme in the world of pop culture and trends. The first place people turn when wondering what clothes are “in”, or what makeup looks are hot right now, etc., is Instagram. Particularly, the pages of individuals known as “influencers”.

Influencers are typically young people, who have hundreds of thousands of followers or more. They are considered the trendiest and the most in-the-know people on social media. Many of these influencers have attained almost celebrity status. Being famous is a relatively common dream shared by many people. Today, what that looks like to young people has changed. Most Gen Zers would rather become a social media influencer than a traditional celebrity. SkoolLive has come up with a way to help teens on the path to Internet fame.

The SkoolLive Student Influencer Program helps Gen Z teens jump start their journey, by literally giving Student Influencers access to a nationwide, entirely Gen Z audience. True, there are other programs out there similar to this, however, most of these have some hidden downsides. Some other comparable programs either do not allow their influencers to use their own platforms, meaning they are essentially borrowing the program’s followers instead of growing their own, or the program will take a cut of the influencers’ earnings. SkoolLive not only gives Student Influencers the audience to help build their following, but helps them earn money and receive free swag from their brand partnerships.

What is popular is always changing, and SkoolLive believes the “next big thing” is somewhere on one of their campuses, just waiting to be discovered. SkoolLive’s goal with this program is to empower students to create amazing content, and to help them realize their dreams.



Gen Z Has Eyes on the Future

College is one of the most exciting, but scary times in a young person’s life. With the end of the school year quickly approaching, it is a topic on most graduating seniors’ minds. Until now, Millennials have been considered the most educated generation. The percentage of Millennials with a Bachelor’s degree is almost double that of their grandparents’ generation, The Silent Generation. However, Generation Z is posed to surpass them.

The vast majority, 89%, of Gen Zers believe a college education is valuable, and necessary for succeeding in the professional world. This does not mean they are ignorant to the price of continuing education. Many teens fear student loans and debt. As a whole, they are shooting for scholarships more than any previous generation. Almost 50% say they are willing to sacrifice some digital privacy, in the form of electronically monitoring their study habits, in order to improve their grades. Similarly, they are working more than Millennials did, to help pay for college. Gen Z is the first generation to truly grow up with the Internet as it exists today. Growing up on smartphones and tablets has enabled Gen Z to become more tech-savvy than many adults. This had made them the most entrepreneurial generation yet. SkoolLive, a Southern California tech and media company, provides access to hundreds of part-time jobs through a local job board featured on their kiosks in high schools nationwide. Many teens also run their own businesses selling homemade items online. According to studies, nearly a quarter of college bound teens plan on paying for college themselves, or at least helping their parents out. Forty percent also plan on working during college to help pay. Not only are they planning on avoiding debt, they are planning for a successful future. Many Gen Zers report wanting a technology related career, and are choosing majors that reflect this.

In the past, most young adults have gone into college without any plan for how it would be paid for, or what after college would look like. Gen Z is breaking the pattern, and learning for their predecessors’ mistakes.



SkoolLive: Your Fundraising Destination

Raising money is never an easy task. Asking for donations is not always the most productive method, while putting on fundraisers requires massive amounts of work. Neither of these methods have a guarantee for success, or even breaking even. Unfortunately, many schools today do not have the budget to adequately provide all supplies necessary, meaning they rely heavily on donations and fundraising to pay for all the things classrooms need. Tim Tahti, the ASB advisor and a teacher at Warm Springs Middle School in Murrieta, California, told SkoolLive he spends hundreds of dollars per year on tape alone. Tahti was referring to the cost of the supplies needed simply to create bulletin boards across Warm Springs’ campus. Hundreds of dollars per school year, wasted.

SkoolLive helps cut down these costs, and enables schools to maximize their fundraising. By providing trademarked kiosks at no cost, SkoolLive allows schools to not only communicate with their Gen Z students more effectively, but to fundraise more successfully as well. When a school partners with SkoolLive, they are able to leverage the local and national brand partnerships, such as Nintendo and the NFL, SkoolLive has. These brands pay to be sponsors, and are featured on SkoolLive kiosks. National brand sponsors are featured on kiosks across the country, while the local brands are featured only where they are relevant. Not only are these ads far more engaging than traditional, static ads, they are “eco-friendly”, and save schools money on supplies. On top of receiving the kiosks at no cost and gaining access to a network of sponsors, SkoolLive schools are given a SkoolLive Advocate, who works personally with the schools and the brands, who speaks on the schools’ behalf, and ensures all parties are happy.

Schools across the country are able to maximize fundraising and revenue generation by utilizing the tools and relationships SkoolLive provides. No longer do schools need to waste hundreds of dollars per year, and massive amounts of paper on fundraising efforts. Fundraising with SkoolLive is free, engaging, and effective.



How Gen Z Does Prom

Springtime brings about one of the most famous, or to some people, infamous, seasons in the high school world. Prom Season. To students in relationships, or those with romantic interests, Prom Season is a wonderful time full of excitement and romantic surprises. In the past, this time of year held fear and horror for students without any sort of romance; wondering if he/she will ever find a date. However, in recent years, this has become less of an issue. While it remains a fear for some, it has become socially acceptable, and in some ways “trendy”, to go solo or with friends.

Due to strong individuals in popular culture, such as singer Cardi B, many Gen Z girls and boys no longer feel the need to have a significant other in their lives. According to a survey by SkoolLive, 53% of high school respondents reported they were “going stag” to prom this year. Similarly, SkoolLive hosted a “Promposal Contest”, where students submitted videos of themselves asking someone to prom in creative ways for a chance to win $500, and be featured on SkoolLive kiosks across the country. A handful of the submissions SkoolLive received depicted students asking their friends to prom, something not previously seen in such a public manner. One applicant even included a brief essay on why she chose to ask her friend with her submission.

There are many negative aspects to social and mass media, but one positive has become present in the new prom trends. The emphasis on self-love and being a strong, independent person. It is easy for teenagers, and even adults, to get caught up in the idea that romance is the most important thing in the world. Gen Z teens are breaking the mold, and challenging this now more than ever. People say “love makes the world go ‘round”, but often forget love comes in many forms. Romantic love is not the only love out there, or the only love that matters. Familial love, the love that comes from friendships, and self-love are just as important.