SkoolLive Creates Opportunity for Schools and Students

SkoolLive’s SkoolLoot campaigns are not simply ways for advertisers to engage students through the on-campus kiosks; they are also an opportunity to enrich the school and the lives of students.

Vista Murrieta High School in Murrieta, CA is an incredible example of how the SkoolLoot programs can significantly impact the lives of students, while also giving back to the school itself. Celina, a student at Vista Murrieta participated in the SkoolLoot campaign that awarded the school $5,000 cash, and an individual student a $5,000 Best Buy home technology package. Using the prize, Celina bought herself a new MacBook Pro computer, and her parents a new refrigerator for their family home.

The SkoolLive SkoolLoot campaign also provided the school with cash they are using to make improvements on the campus;

“We are currently in the process of designing and obtaining quotes on upgrading the planter located just inside the Vista Murrieta High School front gates. The SkoolLoot prize money is helping to fund the construction of a monument representing our schools’ commitment to CLASS-Character, Leadership, Attitude, Scholarship, and Service, and to our achievement of being named three times America’s Most Spirited High School. The planter will contain the existing VM granite sculpture, a new flagpole flying our school’s flag, concrete engraved with our school’s insignia, and our school’s motto inscribed around the exterior of the planter. This area will include outdoor lighting and upgraded landscaping and will serve as a constant reminder of our core values and the pride we have in our school community.”

-Mick Wager, Principal

SkoolLive’s kiosks do much more than simply connect schools, advertisers, and students, but also improves the lives and educational experience for schools and students alike.

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