SkoolLive Welcomes Edison High School

Edison High School was officially dedicated in early 1969 and joined the SkoolLive Nationwide Network in August 2017! Edison High School, three blocks from the Pacific Ocean, was designed to serve the fast growing population of Huntington Beach, California. The name of the school was a result of a contest that almost resulted in the newly constructed educational facility being named Robert F Kennedy High School. However, since the Southern California Edison Company donated much of the land the school was built on, the final decision was to go with Edison High School. Green and gold were selected as the colors to represent one of the finest new schools in California.

Over its history, Edison High School has used a partnership of staff, administration, students and community to consistently score in the top percentile of standardized testing. Edison High School has been designated as a National Distinguished High School, one of the highest academic honors bestowed on secondary institutions. From 1969 to the present day, Edison High School remains at the top academic levels among contemporary secondary school institutions.
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