SkoolLive promotes safe driving

About 70% of high school seniors have a license to drive, so it is no surprise that many businesses and brands in automobile related categories are SkoolLive advertisers. One of these categories is driver training schools. From coast to coast, local and regional driver training businesses are SkoolLive advertisers. Representing this category of advertisers is the “Academy of Driving” in Arizona.

Since 1990, the Academy of Driving has been serving the Tucson community. Over 20,000 students have completed their Beginner Driver Education program which offers quality and easy-to-learn instruction from Academy of Driving professional trainers.   The company’s Motor Vehicle Center is on line with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division and provides title and registration services efficiently and with a smile! In addition, Academy of Driving is the only private entity in Southern Arizona that processes driver licenses, instructional permits and identification cards. The Motor Vehicle Center is open Monday through Saturday for customer convenience.

“Academy of Driving” display their ads on SkoolLive kiosks on the campuses of Sahuaro, Tanque Verde, Desert View, Sunnyside and Mountain View high schools. All are located in Tucson, Arizona.

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