SkoolLive’s Eco Friendly Solution

Schools across the country, from elementary to high school, keep students informed by using bulletin boards. Traditional bulletin boards convey information through tacked up pieces of paper, which feature everything from motivation quotes and school updates, to local coupons and promotions. Schools make them as visually appealing as possible, which requires significant amounts of time and effort from the staff. Paper is the primary material utilized on bulletin boards, which in turn leads to tremendous amounts of waste. Through all the time, effort, and waste, there is still no guarantee students will remember the information it offers, or even stop to look at it.

According to teachers across North America, nearly 34 billion sheets of paper are used in schools each year, and accounts for about 23.5% of all school waste. It is estimated approximately 168,420,000 tons of paper have been produced in the world so far this year, and is rapidly increasing. Meaning “we use more than two pieces of paper for everyone on Earth every single hour” (TheWorldCounts).

Gen Z is far more visually stimulated than older generations. With the presence of smartphones in their everyday lives, something as static as a flyer pinned on a board is unlikely to catch their attention. SkoolLive offers an alternative way to communicate. Traditional bulletin boards are wasteful and ineffective. SkoolLive kiosks act as innovative and interactive versions of their conventional counterparts. They are essentially digital bulletin boards, that allow for schools to display updates, announcements, and other information in a way that is familiar to kids and teens, which creates a more powerful and lasting impact on their memory. Additionally, the kiosks eliminate the need for a notable portion of paper waste in schools.

Paper waste is astronomical in the United States, with a large portion coming from schools nationwide. Schools across America have joined SkoolLive in our mission to cut back on this waste, and eventually eliminate it.

Happy Earth Day!pexels-photo-255441.jpeg



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