Social Media Impact on Gen Z

In this day and age, social media dominates. From YouTube and SnapChat videos, to Instagram pictures and Twitter posts, the Internet has it all. Because it has so much to offer, it is no wonder Gen Z, comprised of those born after 1995, is so attached to their phones. The moment anything occurs, it is immediately available through the various online channels.

However, social media is predominantly used as an outlet for self-expression and because of this, Gen Z is faced with more information and societal pressures than any previous generation. The members of this highly scrutinizedgeneration feel the need to be the best, to have the best clothes, to have the best or most fun life, to be the most attractive, etc. Kids and teenagers are constantly checking social media and comparing themselves to their peers. According to SkoolLive, any one member of Gen Z burns through approximately 68 videosa day between YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, and Twitter. Studies have also revealed that the majority of Gen Z teens don’t need to know someone personally, or even see them in person, to feel a connection with them.

American young people rely on social media to tell them what is cool and trendy, which opens a new opportunity for companies. Most,if not all, major corporations, particularly retailers, utilize social media for advertising purposes. For example, Forever21, a massive “fast fashion” retailer, has an Instagram account with 14.5 million followers. They simply have to post a picture, and instantly reach an audience of millions of people. Occasionally they will post a picture of a follower/customer on their page, which in turn prompts individuals to buy their clothes in hopes of being featured. Many Gen Z teens aspire to become social media Influencers, and being promoted by such a well-known brand would jump start the journey to Instagram fame.

Social media is a major driving force, with massive influence and reach. Platforms such as Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, and Twitter provide corporations with instant access to huge audiences. Gen Z, while not the only age group utilizing social media, is particularly targeted by retailers, due to the fact that they make up 26% of the American population today.



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