Nintendo Partners with SkoolLive

In April, Nintendo released their newest gaming device, the Nintendo Labo®. In preparation for the release, Nintendo partnered with SkoolLive to promote the Labo® campaign. Nintendo’s target audience is made up primarily of Gen Z, a demographic that SkoolLive has widespread access to. On SkoolLive kiosks nationwide, Nintendo has been promoting the Labo®, which is a series of “do-it-yourself” (DIY) gaming accessories for the Nintendo Switch®.

Made of cardboard, gamers build various items, dubbed Toy-Cons, and bring them to life with the Nintendo Switch®. Designed to breed creativity and promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related careers in children and users of all ages, the Labo® is considered a tool for learning and interesting today’s youth in learning and creating.

Throughout the Labo’s® brief existence, it has been widely praised by gamers, parents, and has been promoted by the public figure and well-known scientist Bill Nye. Parents praise the Labo® for allowing children to create and explore a world of their own and say it is an amazing experience being able to watch children become excited about something they have created for themselves.

Labos® are made mostly from recycled materials, and are recyclable themselves, making them inexpensive and environmentally responsible. SkoolLive is excited to announce the partnership with Nintendo and to continue helping promote the Labo®.



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