SkoolLive Helps Teachers Snag Free Supplies

The financial struggle teachers everywhere endure is an issue rapidly gaining national attention. With the general public backing schools and their staff, many brands are beginning to offer more teacher and staff freebies. These deals include everything from personal enjoyment and relaxation, to supplies teachers can utilize in their classrooms.

SkoolLive is always looking for ways to help teachers in any way possible. Not only do we provide fundraising opportunities for schools through our digital kiosks, but we help connect teachers and staff with donors and programs to help lessen the financial burden.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • SEA LIFE Aquarium – Florida: A free one-year pass for all K-12 teachers

  • Philadelphia Zoo – Free summer break pass for teachers and principals

  • Country Music Hall of Fame – Free admission to teachers planning a field trip

  • School Forge – A searchable directory of free education software

  • Yes! Magazine – Free one-year subscription for middle-high school teachers and librarians

  • Library of Congress – Apply to join the surplus book program

  • Adopt-A-Classroom – Register your classroom to be “adopted” by donors

  • Schoolhouse Supplies – Portland, Oregon: free new or used supplies

  • Colgate – Receive a classroom kit including posters, videos, storybooks, and toothbrush and toothpaste samples

To see the full list, visit USA Test Prep.


SOURCE: AllThingsGenZ

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