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Raising money is never an easy task. Asking for donations is not always the most productive method, while putting on fundraisers requires massive amounts of work. Neither of these methods have a guarantee for success, or even breaking even. Unfortunately, many schools today do not have the budget to adequately provide all supplies necessary, meaning they rely heavily on donations and fundraising to pay for all the things classrooms need. Tim Tahti, the ASB advisor and a teacher at Warm Springs Middle School in Murrieta, California, told SkoolLive he spends hundreds of dollars per year on tape alone. Tahti was referring to the cost of the supplies needed simply to create bulletin boards across Warm Springs’ campus. Hundreds of dollars per school year, wasted.

SkoolLive helps cut down these costs, and enables schools to maximize their fundraising. By providing trademarked kiosks at no cost, SkoolLive allows schools to not only communicate with their Gen Z students more effectively, but to fundraise more successfully as well. When a school partners with SkoolLive, they are able to leverage the local and national brand partnerships, such as Nintendo and the NFL, SkoolLive has. These brands pay to be sponsors, and are featured on SkoolLive kiosks. National brand sponsors are featured on kiosks across the country, while the local brands are featured only where they are relevant. Not only are these ads far more engaging than traditional, static ads, they are “eco-friendly”, and save schools money on supplies. On top of receiving the kiosks at no cost and gaining access to a network of sponsors, SkoolLive schools are given a SkoolLive Advocate, who works personally with the schools and the brands, who speaks on the schools’ behalf, and ensures all parties are happy.

Schools across the country are able to maximize fundraising and revenue generation by utilizing the tools and relationships SkoolLive provides. No longer do schools need to waste hundreds of dollars per year, and massive amounts of paper on fundraising efforts. Fundraising with SkoolLive is free, engaging, and effective.



How Gen Z Does Prom

Springtime brings about one of the most famous, or to some people, infamous, seasons in the high school world. Prom Season. To students in relationships, or those with romantic interests, Prom Season is a wonderful time full of excitement and romantic surprises. In the past, this time of year held fear and horror for students without any sort of romance; wondering if he/she will ever find a date. However, in recent years, this has become less of an issue. While it remains a fear for some, it has become socially acceptable, and in some ways “trendy”, to go solo or with friends.

Due to strong individuals in popular culture, such as singer Cardi B, many Gen Z girls and boys no longer feel the need to have a significant other in their lives. According to a survey by SkoolLive, 53% of high school respondents reported they were “going stag” to prom this year. Similarly, SkoolLive hosted a “Promposal Contest”, where students submitted videos of themselves asking someone to prom in creative ways for a chance to win $500, and be featured on SkoolLive kiosks across the country. A handful of the submissions SkoolLive received depicted students asking their friends to prom, something not previously seen in such a public manner. One applicant even included a brief essay on why she chose to ask her friend with her submission.

There are many negative aspects to social and mass media, but one positive has become present in the new prom trends. The emphasis on self-love and being a strong, independent person. It is easy for teenagers, and even adults, to get caught up in the idea that romance is the most important thing in the world. Gen Z teens are breaking the mold, and challenging this now more than ever. People say “love makes the world go ‘round”, but often forget love comes in many forms. Romantic love is not the only love out there, or the only love that matters. Familial love, the love that comes from friendships, and self-love are just as important.



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SkoolLive’s Eco Friendly Solution

Schools across the country, from elementary to high school, keep students informed by using bulletin boards. Traditional bulletin boards convey information through tacked up pieces of paper, which feature everything from motivation quotes and school updates, to local coupons and promotions. Schools make them as visually appealing as possible, which requires significant amounts of time and effort from the staff. Paper is the primary material utilized on bulletin boards, which in turn leads to tremendous amounts of waste. Through all the time, effort, and waste, there is still no guarantee students will remember the information it offers, or even stop to look at it.

According to teachers across North America, nearly 34 billion sheets of paper are used in schools each year, and accounts for about 23.5% of all school waste. It is estimated approximately 168,420,000 tons of paper have been produced in the world so far this year, and is rapidly increasing. Meaning “we use more than two pieces of paper for everyone on Earth every single hour” (TheWorldCounts).

Gen Z is far more visually stimulated than older generations. With the presence of smartphones in their everyday lives, something as static as a flyer pinned on a board is unlikely to catch their attention. SkoolLive offers an alternative way to communicate. Traditional bulletin boards are wasteful and ineffective. SkoolLive kiosks act as innovative and interactive versions of their conventional counterparts. They are essentially digital bulletin boards, that allow for schools to display updates, announcements, and other information in a way that is familiar to kids and teens, which creates a more powerful and lasting impact on their memory. Additionally, the kiosks eliminate the need for a notable portion of paper waste in schools.

Paper waste is astronomical in the United States, with a large portion coming from schools nationwide. Schools across America have joined SkoolLive in our mission to cut back on this waste, and eventually eliminate it.

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Social Media Impact on Gen Z

In this day and age, social media dominates. From YouTube and SnapChat videos, to Instagram pictures and Twitter posts, the Internet has it all. Because it has so much to offer, it is no wonder Gen Z, comprised of those born after 1995, is so attached to their phones. The moment anything occurs, it is immediately available through the various online channels.

However, social media is predominantly used as an outlet for self-expression and because of this, Gen Z is faced with more information and societal pressures than any previous generation. The members of this highly scrutinizedgeneration feel the need to be the best, to have the best clothes, to have the best or most fun life, to be the most attractive, etc. Kids and teenagers are constantly checking social media and comparing themselves to their peers. According to SkoolLive, any one member of Gen Z burns through approximately 68 videosa day between YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, and Twitter. Studies have also revealed that the majority of Gen Z teens don’t need to know someone personally, or even see them in person, to feel a connection with them.

American young people rely on social media to tell them what is cool and trendy, which opens a new opportunity for companies. Most,if not all, major corporations, particularly retailers, utilize social media for advertising purposes. For example, Forever21, a massive “fast fashion” retailer, has an Instagram account with 14.5 million followers. They simply have to post a picture, and instantly reach an audience of millions of people. Occasionally they will post a picture of a follower/customer on their page, which in turn prompts individuals to buy their clothes in hopes of being featured. Many Gen Z teens aspire to become social media Influencers, and being promoted by such a well-known brand would jump start the journey to Instagram fame.

Social media is a major driving force, with massive influence and reach. Platforms such as Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, and Twitter provide corporations with instant access to huge audiences. Gen Z, while not the only age group utilizing social media, is particularly targeted by retailers, due to the fact that they make up 26% of the American population today.



SkoolLive is proud to once again partner with! is a, 5.7 million member, global non-profit organization with the goal of motivating young people to make positive change both online and offline through campaigns that make an impact. 

Through campaigns, they have sent 148,645 cards to Military Service Members to show gratitude and help service members feel connected to home, clothed half of America’s teens in homeless shelters, and cleaned up 3.7 million cigarette butts.

SkoolLive was proud to once again partner with and their “Feeding Better Futures” campaign. We were able to bring awareness that today 1 in 8 people on earth struggles with hunger, including 13 million kids and teenagers in America.  So thousands of young people came up with solutions with our food system addressing issues like food waste, hunger relief, access to healthy food (food deserts), and sustainable agriculture.

SkoolLive’s partner, Storm Baseball talks about their positive experience!

“Working with Skool Live has allowed our brand to activate with a new customer base in a dynamic and memorable way.  The high quality display that each kiosk delivers has benefited all of our digital marketing campaign initiatives greatly and will continue to do so.”
-Storm Baseball – San Diego Padres, Class A