SkoolLive Impressed by the Casteel Colts

Casteel High School located in Queen Creek, Arizona is the newest high school added to the Chandler Unified School District. Casteel is a public high school that has a strong focus on engineering, computer information systems technology, entrepreneurship, and product design.
Since opening in the fall of 2015, Casteel High School has developed a powerhouse of a football team that is 9-0 going into the game against Valley Christian this Friday. Despite still being a year from graduating it’s first class, and only in the second year of the Varsity program the Colts have proved themselves to be the team to beat. The Colts quarterback, Gunner Cruz recently received a scholarship offer from Arizona State making him the first athlete at Casteel High School to receive a Division 1 scholarship. SkoolLive is proud to have Casteel High School as a part of the SkoolLive network and we wish the Colts the best of luck this season!

SkoolLive Welcomes Another Arizona High School

San Luis High School, the most recent to join the SkoolLive Nationwide Network, has the distinction of being the only school on our network and maybe the only school in America whose mascot is the Crotalus cerastes!
The sidewinder, also known as the horned rattlesnake and sidewinder rattlesnake, is a venomous pit viper species belonging to the genus Crotalus and is found in the desert regions of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.
San Luis High School with 2,900 students in the grades 9-12 is located in the city of San Luis, in the southwest corner of Arizona.  San Luis High School opened in 2002 and is part of the Yuma Union High School District.

Welcome to the SkoolLive Network Gila Ridge High School!

We are pleased to announce that Gila Ridge High School, located in Yuma, Arizona is now part of the SkoolLive Nationwide Network!  Gila Ridge is one of the high schools in the Yuma Union High School District.  The school opened to freshman and sophomores for the 2007/08 school year. The school mascot is the Hawks. The school is located on 24th St, which is home to many other schools in the Yuma County District, including Desert Mesa Elementary, Mary A. Otondo Elementary, and Castle Dome Middle School. Gila Ridge is also located west of Arizona Western College.
In May 2010, Gila Ridge High School held its first graduation of students who had started at Gila Ridge as sophomores.  In May 2011, the school’s four-year graduating students became known as the first “100% Hawk” class. Gila Ridge High School also won the City Football Championship title in 2014. The Hawks took the title from the Cibola Raiders who had held the title for the past seven years straight.  Welcome Hawks!

SkoolLive admires Cibola High School’s “Commitment to Excellence”

Joining the SkoolLive Nationwide Network are the Raiders of Cibola High School.  Cibola is one of the largest schools in the Yuma Union High School District and is accredited by Advanced Ed. The school opened in 1988 with 1000 ninth and tenth graders. Today about 2,600 students attend Cibola.  The school derived its name from a legend in Spanish history about great and limitless riches in the “Seven Cities of Gold”. Students selected “Raiders” as their school mascot and “Commitment to Excellence” as their school mission statement.
Cibola High School’s academics rank highly and in 1996, Cibola High School was honored as one of three A+ secondary schools for the State of Arizona.  Over 75% of students who graduate from Cibola High School will go onto some other form of secondary education.

Proud to announce this new addition to the SkoolLive Network

Kofa High School, with 2,165 students, located in Yuma, Arizona and a part of the Yuma Union High School District is now “live” on the SkoolLive Nationwide Network.
Kofa was the second high school to be established in the community. The school shares its name with the Kofa Mountains, which were named for the King of Arizona gold mine, discovered in King Valley in 1896 and active from 1897 to 1910. The mine used to stamp its property “K of A”, and is commonly known as the Kofa Mine.  The school draws its mascot, the King, from the mine as well.  Welcome to Kofa High School, proud home of the Kings!

The newest addition to the SkoolLive Network has deep roots in Arizona

Yuma High School, located in Arizona, has a long and colorful history.  The School opened three years before Arizona became a state. In 1909, the Arizona Territory taxpayers voted to organize a union district and in September of that year, Yuma High School began with four teachers in three rooms.  At the end of the first year, twelve seniors graduated.  The next year, 1910, saw the school move to the newly abandoned Yuma Territorial Prison. For the next three years, the prison was to be the home of Yuma High School. Teachers conducted classes in the cellblock area and the school held assemblies in what had been the prison hospital.

City officials notified the school in 1912 that they needed the Prison as a city jail. The school board proposed and successfully carried through a bond election to build a new school. Thus, in 1913, school began in the newly constructed facility on Main Street.  That same year, the Yuma football team traveled to Phoenix to play the “Coyotes”. Yuma High won. The angry “Coyotes” dubbed the Yuma High players the “Criminals”.  At first “Criminals” was a fighting word. Before long, students and teachers wore the name with pride, and in 1917, the school board officially adopted the nickname. Yuma High School has been proudly called the home of the “Criminals” ever since.

Today Yuma High School and the Criminals join the expanding SkoolLive Nationwide Network.  We are excited about our partnership with Yuma High School and memorializing this day on Yuma’s historical timeline.