How You Can Effortlessly Prevent Brands From Taking Advantage of Your School

Is your school being taken advantage of? Put an end to it with SkoolLive!

Nintendo Partners with SkoolLive

In April, Nintendo released their newest gaming device, the Nintendo Labo®. In preparation for the release, Nintendo partnered with SkoolLive to promote the Labo® campaign. Nintendo’s target audience is made up primarily of Gen Z, a demographic that SkoolLive has widespread access to. On SkoolLive kiosks nationwide, Nintendo has been promoting the Labo®, which is a series of “do-it-yourself” (DIY) gaming accessories for the Nintendo Switch®.

Made of cardboard, gamers build various items, dubbed Toy-Cons, and bring them to life with the Nintendo Switch®. Designed to breed creativity and promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related careers in children and users of all ages, the Labo® is considered a tool for learning and interesting today’s youth in learning and creating.

Throughout the Labo’s® brief existence, it has been widely praised by gamers, parents, and has been promoted by the public figure and well-known scientist Bill Nye. Parents praise the Labo® for allowing children to create and explore a world of their own and say it is an amazing experience being able to watch children become excited about something they have created for themselves.

Labos® are made mostly from recycled materials, and are recyclable themselves, making them inexpensive and environmentally responsible. SkoolLive is excited to announce the partnership with Nintendo and to continue helping promote the Labo®.



SkoolLive: School Advocate

Marketing is an ever-changing entity in the commercial and retail worlds. Companies are always finding new methods of spreading brand awareness and advertising. Accessing the target audience is one of the main concerns in marketing. The school-aged population, which today is comprised of Gen Z, is one of the largest and most actively targeted demographics in retail. Many brands targeting this age group will utilize a presence on school campuses nationwide.

Many large corporations are currently present on school campuses, of all grade levels, all across the country. These brands admit that school advertising, or having a presence in schools, is crucial to their business. Several have stated to SkoolLive they rely on Gen Z students for the future of their brands, but are unwilling to pay for the access to them. Companies like these often have upwards of several billion dollars in revenue and refuse to put any of this money into furthering the education and well-being of those they say are necessary to their marketing and advertising efforts.

SkoolLive is an advocate for schools. Brands partner with SkoolLive, enabling them to negotiate reasonable deals with schools. SkoolLive’s main objective is to ensure schools receive a fair compensation for allowing these brands onto their campuses. SkoolLivewants to protect their schools, and educate those that are not.

Every campus has worth. Each one is incredibly valuable. Do not let brands take advantage of schools any longer. Let SkoolLive fight for your school.



Who Is SkoolLive?

Connecting with the youth of today, “Gen Z”, can be very difficult. With so much information at their fingertips, it can be a challenge to communicate, or even to get them to look up from their screens. At SkoolLive, we have found a way to help bridge that gap between schools and students. By installing large digital kiosks, at no cost to schools, we create channels of communication that allow the staff to reach the students in a way that is appealing and familiar – digitally. These kiosks look, and act, like giant iPhones, a platform Gen Z can understand.

Our kiosks function as digital and interactive bulletin boards. With different formats for the different age groups, elementary/middle school, and high school, we truly cater to all audiences. The younger age group model is slightly simpler, and more intuitive, specifically designed with this age group in mind. This version includes coloring and trivia games to engage students, as well as providing the perfect venue for announcements from the school.

 High school students have different interests than elementary-to-middle school-aged students. Therefore, their kiosks are different and more complex. SkoolLive’s high school kiosks include the school’s Twitter feed for students to scroll through, a job board for local businesses to post on, and even a deals section for teens to find coupons for local retailers and restaurants.

We cut back on the waste of paper by eliminating the need for flyers and traditional bulletin boards and allow for immediate messaging, not needing to wait for the copier in the staff room to be free for printing a bunch of flyers. On top of installing these amazing kiosks at no cost to schools, SkoolLive shares a portion of our revenue with the campuses that choose to utilize our services. Using our kiosks is a win-win for everyone involved.