SkoolLive is Proud to Announce it’s Partnership with Nickelodeon

SkoolLive has recently partnered with the #1 children’s entertainment brand, Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is not only a top rated cable tv channel, but also a leader in consumer products, digital, books, and feature films. Nickelodeon is now in it’s 38th year of production and shows no sign of slowing down. SkoolLive is thankful to be partnered with such an established brand that shares a common goal of always putting children first.

Six New Elementary Schools Added to the SkoolLive Network

SkoolLive has had the privilege to work with Cleveland High School and Cleveland Middle School for the past year and a half. We are excited to announce that this past week we have added six Cleveland City Elementary Schools to the SkoolLive Network as well!

Cleveland City Elementary Schools that have joined the SkoolLive Network:

Blythe-Bower Elementary

Arnold Memorial Elementary

Donald P. Yates Prim Elementary

George R. Stuart Elementary

Ernest L. Ross Elementary

Mayfield Elementary

SkoolLive Impressed by the Casteel Colts

Casteel High School located in Queen Creek, Arizona is the newest high school added to the Chandler Unified School District. Casteel is a public high school that has a strong focus on engineering, computer information systems technology, entrepreneurship, and product design.
Since opening in the fall of 2015, Casteel High School has developed a powerhouse of a football team that is 9-0 going into the game against Valley Christian this Friday. Despite still being a year from graduating it’s first class, and only in the second year of the Varsity program the Colts have proved themselves to be the team to beat. The Colts quarterback, Gunner Cruz recently received a scholarship offer from Arizona State making him the first athlete at Casteel High School to receive a Division 1 scholarship. SkoolLive is proud to have Casteel High School as a part of the SkoolLive network and we wish the Colts the best of luck this season!

SkoolLive admires Cibola High School’s “Commitment to Excellence”

Joining the SkoolLive Nationwide Network are the Raiders of Cibola High School.  Cibola is one of the largest schools in the Yuma Union High School District and is accredited by Advanced Ed. The school opened in 1988 with 1000 ninth and tenth graders. Today about 2,600 students attend Cibola.  The school derived its name from a legend in Spanish history about great and limitless riches in the “Seven Cities of Gold”. Students selected “Raiders” as their school mascot and “Commitment to Excellence” as their school mission statement.
Cibola High School’s academics rank highly and in 1996, Cibola High School was honored as one of three A+ secondary schools for the State of Arizona.  Over 75% of students who graduate from Cibola High School will go onto some other form of secondary education.

Proud to announce this new addition to the SkoolLive Network

Kofa High School, with 2,165 students, located in Yuma, Arizona and a part of the Yuma Union High School District is now “live” on the SkoolLive Nationwide Network.
Kofa was the second high school to be established in the community. The school shares its name with the Kofa Mountains, which were named for the King of Arizona gold mine, discovered in King Valley in 1896 and active from 1897 to 1910. The mine used to stamp its property “K of A”, and is commonly known as the Kofa Mine.  The school draws its mascot, the King, from the mine as well.  Welcome to Kofa High School, proud home of the Kings!

The newest addition to the SkoolLive Network has deep roots in Arizona

Yuma High School, located in Arizona, has a long and colorful history.  The School opened three years before Arizona became a state. In 1909, the Arizona Territory taxpayers voted to organize a union district and in September of that year, Yuma High School began with four teachers in three rooms.  At the end of the first year, twelve seniors graduated.  The next year, 1910, saw the school move to the newly abandoned Yuma Territorial Prison. For the next three years, the prison was to be the home of Yuma High School. Teachers conducted classes in the cellblock area and the school held assemblies in what had been the prison hospital.

City officials notified the school in 1912 that they needed the Prison as a city jail. The school board proposed and successfully carried through a bond election to build a new school. Thus, in 1913, school began in the newly constructed facility on Main Street.  That same year, the Yuma football team traveled to Phoenix to play the “Coyotes”. Yuma High won. The angry “Coyotes” dubbed the Yuma High players the “Criminals”.  At first “Criminals” was a fighting word. Before long, students and teachers wore the name with pride, and in 1917, the school board officially adopted the nickname. Yuma High School has been proudly called the home of the “Criminals” ever since.

Today Yuma High School and the Criminals join the expanding SkoolLive Nationwide Network.  We are excited about our partnership with Yuma High School and memorializing this day on Yuma’s historical timeline.

SkoolLive Creates Opportunity for Schools and Students

SkoolLive’s SkoolLoot campaigns are not simply ways for advertisers to engage students through the on-campus kiosks; they are also an opportunity to enrich the school and the lives of students.

Vista Murrieta High School in Murrieta, CA is an incredible example of how the SkoolLoot programs can significantly impact the lives of students, while also giving back to the school itself. Celina, a student at Vista Murrieta participated in the SkoolLoot campaign that awarded the school $5,000 cash, and an individual student a $5,000 Best Buy home technology package. Using the prize, Celina bought herself a new MacBook Pro computer, and her parents a new refrigerator for their family home.

The SkoolLive SkoolLoot campaign also provided the school with cash they are using to make improvements on the campus;

“We are currently in the process of designing and obtaining quotes on upgrading the planter located just inside the Vista Murrieta High School front gates. The SkoolLoot prize money is helping to fund the construction of a monument representing our schools’ commitment to CLASS-Character, Leadership, Attitude, Scholarship, and Service, and to our achievement of being named three times America’s Most Spirited High School. The planter will contain the existing VM granite sculpture, a new flagpole flying our school’s flag, concrete engraved with our school’s insignia, and our school’s motto inscribed around the exterior of the planter. This area will include outdoor lighting and upgraded landscaping and will serve as a constant reminder of our core values and the pride we have in our school community.”

-Mick Wager, Principal

SkoolLive’s kiosks do much more than simply connect schools, advertisers, and students, but also improves the lives and educational experience for schools and students alike.

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